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How it works in practice

The classes take place in Wrocław, at my home in Klecina. I also offer in-company individual classes for a group of employees. 

For conversation classes Skype is also a useful tool.

We sit at the table, talk, turn on tv to watch British channels, turn on the computer to browse English websites. We don't forget to use student books full of English contexts and  paper dictionaries to look up words. 

Teaching English is about entering the other person’s world. In English... 

I believe each student is unique so no two classes or lesson plans are the same. One needs to read more, or speak more. Each student has passions, so why not build on what you really love doing or discussing? And if I happen to pass my passion for English over to you, I will be more than happy.

The classes are dedicated for teenagers and adults, levels elementary (not starters)/pre-intermediate (A1/A2) and above. First, we meet for a 20 minute talk to get to know each other a bit. Then, we decide where we want to head for. If you are able to read and understand a bit of what is written here, you can definitely book the class. 

If you have your own ideas and needs for the classes, do not hesitate to contact me, too. Together we will make it up for you.

If you have already decided to come, contact me to book your class.



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