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About me

Hello. I’m Agnieszka. I graduated from the Teachers’ Training College in Wrocław in 2006 and obtained a BA at the University of Wrocław. Beforehand, I had studied international relations (obtained MA in 2003) and it had been during that course that my passion for English had come for good, thanks to my visits to the UK (University of Bradford) and the States, and has been here to stay.

I worked for an Irish engineering firm, a Swiss corporation, an American shopping centre management company and a Polish accounting firm. I have always chosen the place of work to have the possibility to use the language (be it contract analysis, correspondence, reports or translations). In the meantime, I completed Postgraduate Studies in Translation at the University of Wrocław and the School of Translation, Interpreting and Languages at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.

Yet, I have not given up teaching. My colleagues, remembering from school years  that learning the language is about grammar and the list of vocab to learn by heart (not use by any chance), and conversation classes are a waste of time, have been reluctant to use the language, yet they have been aware the proper command of English means professional development. Together, we are breaking the barriers… It is important to create the most comfortable conditions possible for students to make them develop skills by sharing their everyday life events or passions. Grammar and vocab? They are not our aim but they definitely make our communication easier…


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